Creams, Gels

Our filling machines for cosmetics are designed to fill and dose hot or cold, viscous and liquid cosmetic products with extreme precision. Our volumetric fillers for the cosmetic industry can easily dose creams and gels and are designed for cosmetic packaging companies and manufacturers of cosmetic creams.
Telm manufactures in-house stainless steel cream filling machines that are sanitizable and have an anti-drip system that allows cosmetic filling without losing even a small part of the product.

For years, we have been producing automatic and semi automatic volumetric filling machines and bottling machines for the cosmetic industry. Our cosmetics packaging lines are ideal for cosmetics manufacturers as they are also able to meet the needs of the entire cosmetics packaging cycle, from the filling of the cosmetic products to their capping and labelling.

We have a volumetric filler for any type of cosmetic, such as: filling machines for creams; filling machines for lotions and body oils; filling machines for dense pastes; filling machines for serums; filling machines for fluids; filling machines for lotions; filling machines for suntan lotions and sunscreens; filling machines for foundations; filling machines for make-up; filling machines for scrubs.

Our filling machines for cosmetics can be equipped with customised heating hoppers, with stirrers or mixers, which makes them suitable for products that need to be mixed or heated during the filling operation. Some examples are hair removal waxes, candle waxes, chapsticks and lip balms.

At Telm, you can find the best filling solution for cosmetics using both automatic and semi automatic cosmetic filling and packaging machines.

Some examples of standard and custom filling machines for filling, dispensing and capping creams and gels

Automatic and semiautomatic filling and capping machines for cosmetics.

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