Automatic filling and capping machines

TELM's rotary and linear volumetric filling and capping machines are suitable for those who desire robust and compact machines, durable over time, where manual intervention by the operator is reduced to a minimum.
Fully automatic and due to features and strengths such as robustness, compact design and small size, they are particularly suitable in the food, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Standard and custom filling machines for filling, dosing and capping

Automatic filling and capping machines for food, cosmetic and chemical products.

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Plastic caps feeding

Vibrating feeders for pre-threaded plastic caps.

Aluminum capsule feeding

Magnetic elevators for aluminum capsules.

Containers feeding

Mechanical orienters and elevators for plastic bottles and jars


Single or multi-head volumetric piston dosers, brushless dosers and flowmeters. Feeding with hopper or direct suction from customer's tank.


Capping station for pre-threaded plastic caps, pilfer proof, flip-top, pumps, twist-off, push-pull, childproof.


Labellers, markers, induction sealers or sleeve applicators to complete the system supplied.

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Rotary machines

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