MONO 54 - Automatic piston filling and capping machine for syrups and toppings

Automatic filling and capping machine for concentrated syrups, toppings, fruit extracts, jellies, purees and fruit nectars in PET bottles and squeeze bottles. Also suitable for cosmetic products such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions.

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Food, Cosmetic
1600 pcs/h on 900cc
Squeeze bottle and PET bottles

Automatic filling and capping machine for viscous products such as syrups, toppings, jelly and fruit nectar. Ideal for PET and squeeze bottles. The machine is equipped with volumetric filling, capping station and labeling.

The rotary filling and capping machine consists of:

  • Rotary loading table for empty bottles;
  • Filling with volumetric piston dosers;
  • Vibrating caps feeder for automatic loading of plastic caps;
  • Vibrating feeder for pre-threaded plastic cap;
  • Labeling station for transparent labels.

This automatic filling and capping machine is suitable for squeeze bottles and PET bottles to dose products such as:

  • syrups;
  • topping;
  • fruit concentrates;
  • fruit extracts;
  • jelly;
  • fruit nectar;
  • fruit purées.

In addition, our filling and capping machine lends itself to multiple customization possibilities.

This machine is also suitable for dosing glass jars or bottles. It is possible to install heated hoppers with stirrer, and dosers with brushless drive.

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