Volumetric doser

Telm tabletop volumetric doser is the ideal machine for those looking for a small solution, but at the same time precise, reliable and versatile.
Agricultural companies, agritourisms, pharmacies, food and cosmetic laboratories, community kitchens and small and medium-sized companies in general are the main users of our volumetric dosers. If you are looking for a volumetric filling machine you are in the right place: contact us!
Dosatore Volumetrico Telm
Dosatori Volumetrici Telm
Food, Cosmetic, Chemical
1 cc - 38 cc
2 cc - 100 cc
5 cc - 250 cc
5 cc- 385 cc
20 cc - 700 cc
50 cc - 1500 cc
200 cc - 5600 cc
Small bottles and containers


In the food industry, Telm volumetric filling machines are very common for those who need to fill jams, juices, preserves, sauces, chunky sauces, pesto and meat sauce. Our piston filling machines are also widely used for semi-finished products for ice cream ingredients: chocolate toppings, fruit variegates, semi-finished fruit products but also to fill products with pieces such as concentrated fruit with pieces. We design our machines in-house and are therefore able to customize our machines, which are both for liquids and for thick and more viscous products.

Therefore, our experience in the food sector allows us to handle even chunky products such as soups, pesto, sauces, dressings, spreads with great success.

The volumetric dosing machine operates with 6 bar compressed air and is entirely made of AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel and components suitable for contact with foodstuffs, chemicals or cosmetics, depending on the application.dosatrice riempitrice volumetrica opera tramite sistema pneumatico e funziona ad aria compressa 6 bar ed è interamente realizzata in acciaio inox AISI 304 e AISI 316 e componenti idonee al contatto con prodotti alimentari, chimici o cosmetici a seconda dell’applicazione.

In addition, the Telm volumetric filling machine is often used in the dairy industry for yogurt, milk, panna cotta, puddings, spreadable chees, stracciatella for burrata and creams in general.


In the cosmetic and galenic industry, our volumetric dosers are used for products such as shampoos, face and body creams, bath foams, hair gels, lotions, oils, and perfumes that need a specific doser for liquids.

Our volumetric piston fillers are equipped with seals of different materials depending on the product to be dosed. Therefore, they are also suitable for aggressive products such as essential oils, or for abrasive products or products at high temperatures.Telm dosing unit can be built up modularly, according to production needs: valves, nozzles, and hoppers are of the customer's choice. We frequently manufacture heated hoppers with stirrer in different sizes, depending on the customer's needs. The volumetric piston filler is often recommended for those who need to keep the product warm during the filling phase such as hair waxes, candle waxes, epilating waxes, lip balm and ointments, nail reconstruction gels and acrygel.

Ultimately, we design and manufacture the volumetric doser to the actual needs of our customer, and this makes our volumetric piston filling machines unique filling solutions that are always different. The versatility of our volumetric doser makes it suitable for liquid, creamy and dense products in the food, cosmetic and chemical industries.riempitrice volumetrica sulle esigenze effettive del nostro cliente, e questo rende i nostri dosatori volumetrici dosatori unici sempre differenti. La versatilità del nostro dosatore volumetrico lo rende adatto per prodotti liquidi, cremosi e densi nel settore alimentare, cosmetico e chimico. Le nostre riempitrici volumetriche sono sinonimo di precisione e affidabilità nel settore cosmetico e galenico, grazie alla loro capacità di dosaggio accurato e alla loro adattabilità alle diverse esigenze produttive.

Technical features

Handwheel: the simplest and most intuitive adjustment there is!

The handwheel is used to adjust the dosing volume. By turning the handwheel clockwise or anti-clockwise, you can increase or decrease the piston stroke and therefore the dose.

Clamp connections: the easiest assembly method of all

All our dosers and valves are assembled with clamps for quick and simple assembly and disassembly.

Adjustment of suction and dosage speed: simple and immediate

Flow regulators allow the piston speed to be adjusted during product dosing and suction.

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